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For more than 35 years Digitaltest has been known worldwide as a leading supplier of innovative test, production and quality control solutions for the electronic industry.

We provide electronic manufacturers with first-class Electronic-Board Test Systems and Electronic Manufacturing Software, keeping Digitaltest’s promise to make our customers more successful every day.

With our hardware and software solutions we enable our customers to manufacture electronic products to the highest possible quality.

The Test Systems and Software tools from Digitaltest are applied in key industries including aerospace, avionics, automotive, telecommunications, medical, industrial, consumer electronics and more. With over 2,000 installations and with subsidiaries around the world, Digitaltest is a trusted partner to these industries.

Continuous co-operation and close contact with our customers enable us to develop test and production solutions that are in line with the continually evolving industry developments and which meet or exceed our customer’s needs and expectations.
Digitaltest has worked for 35 years maintaining an excellent reputation as leading provider of ATE solutions.

Test quality, extensive fault coverage, short test times and rapid test throughput are features, which distinguish Digitaltest products from other ATE suppliers.

The continuous high quality of our service is one of the reasons for the increased success of Digitaltest GmbH, even in the current difficult times.

Digitaltest: For more than three decades fully committed to outstanding Performance, Consistency, Quality and Value.